Hazel Eyes

Pop for male or female voice

BMI Works # 49558926

Thanks to the fantastic collaboration with studio artist Oliver Kerschner of Sound Direct in Vienna, this greatly refined version of my first draft came to life. These two versions really are worlds apart – but listen for yourself!

First draft

… You know the color of your smile
Just took me by surprise …

Lovesong 2020

BMI Works # 49558926 © admeyermusic.com 2020
Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Mix: Oliver Kerschner – Sound Direct – www.sounddirect.at/ 
Cover photo: Lukáš Dlutko – Pexels.com

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Video content by pexels.com – authors: cottonbro, Distill, Paolo Renato, Taryn Elliott, Darli Donizete, Pixabay, Fikret Ceylan and Pressmaster.


I close my eyes
And I see
You and I
In perfect harmony

Watching that sunset
By the sea
Talking and kissing
Just like it‘s meant to be

March 2020 by Christian Meyer-Pedersen (© 2020 adMeyerMusic)

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