Pop song for male voice (english)

BMI Works # 49558980

This new pop song by songwriter adMeyer aka. Christian Meyer-Pedersen features a distinctive strings theme that is running in the background almost throughout the entire lenght of 3:10 min. In contrast to the staccato, rather flamenco-like verse the chorus feels airy and dreamy.
This song was written for a male vocalist but can be adapted for a female singer if necessary. The underlying message is as contemporary as ever – the wish to really connect with the one person you love, the desire to really get to see one another.

© admeyermusic.com 2020 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover art: adMeyerART – Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Zichuan Han – Pexels.com

BMI Works # 49558980
Licensing options: On request
Genre: Pop
Production level: demo
Language: English
Tempo: mid-Tempo
Voice: song for male vocals
Mood: Romantic, Calm, Happy, Soulful
Songwriter: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Year of release: 2020

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X-Rays (song)

Music/Lyrics: © AdMeyer November 2020

© adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Nov 2020

I want to know
What’s deep down inside of you
I want to know you
Really know you

Your eyes on me
Like x-rays that shine right through
You see it all and
I want to see it all, too.

(Full lyrics on request)


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