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Countrysong for female artist (english)

© 2024 – Music: Christian Meyer-Pedersen, Lyrics: John O’Brien – Cover art: adMeyerART – Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: AdamantiumStock –

License options: on request
Production status: Master
Genre: Country, Pop
Language: English
Tempo: mid-tempo
Mood: Romantic, Optimistic, Happy, Emotional
Artist: Christine Corless
Songwriters: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen / John O’Brien
Year of release: 2024

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Angel’s Web

Music: © Christian Meyer-Pedersen / Lyrics: © John O’Brien

Easy come, easy go
That’s the only kind of love you’ve ever known
Heartaches served you on a silver platter
When you’re deserving so much better

Out of love and no way in
Your losing days are over and this time you’ll win
Cause you’re so awesome and so special
This time will last, will last forever

So baby come out from your dark dark corner
There’s nothing out here that can hurt no more
You’ve been stung by a devil queen
That ain’t me
Now let me show ya

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