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Tunes – unique, catchy, adaptable, for further professional processing

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With STORM, a collection of my compositions from the early 1990s until today I provide my material for further processing in music productions.

STORM comprises catchy melodies, with references to R’n’B and Soul. Some of the pieces contain notions of Rock as well as Country, Jazz or Funk.

The songs which I have created over the course of nearly thirty years, can therefore not be precisely categorized. The basis of my songs are rhythmic bass lines and catchy hooklines.

These tunes can easily be transferred to other genres, fitting certain artists and voices, male or female.

And there is more to come. Currently I am preparing a number of song ideas from recent years. The repertoire will therefore continue to grow.

My songs at this stage are merely demos that, even though worked up in a certain way, are far from finished, yet. They can be the basis for the development of new songs by producers and artists. This applies equally to my compositions as to my lyrics. Changes can be made in consultation with me, as the owner of the works.

If Storm has piqued your interest, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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