Shine So Loud

Rock song for male voice (english)

BMI Work #: 49307909

Heartbreak forever? No way! This classic Power-Rock song with lyrics by John O’Brien tells a different story. Fall down. Rise up again. Show the world what you’re made of. Shine So Loud!

Featuring vocalist Eric Castiglia:
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Instagram: eric_greencave
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© 2020 – Music: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Lyrics: John O’Brien – Cover art: adMeyerART – Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Photocreo Bednarek –

BMI Work #: 49307909
Licensing options: On request
Genre: Rock
Production level: demo
Language: English
Tempo: up-Tempo
Voice: song for male vocals
Mood: Powerful, Aggressive
Songwriters: John O’Brien & adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Year of release: 2020

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Shine So Loud (song)

Music/Lyrics: © AdMeyer / © O’Brien  November 2020

© John O’Brien (PRS) 2020

Those bullet words of yours They found my heart
So it was me who fell
And lost this war
After giving you so much I almost died

But I got off the razor wire You see
Untangled and unchained This brand new me
Now my future‘s so bright It almost hurts my eyes

(Full lyrics on request)


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