Pop song for male or female voice

© 2020 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Luizclas – Pexels

Licensing options: on request
Production level: Demo
Genre: Pop
Language: English
Tempo: mid-Tempo
Mood: Calm, Serious, Melancholic
Voice: male or female
Author: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Release date: 2020

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Music/Lyrics: © AdMeyer August 21 2020

You are like the wind
That I can feel on my skin
I can never catch you
But you feel so good

Only you can touch me
Like no one can touch me
But I can never hold you
Like I wish I could

It seems I’ve known you forever
Like we’ve been always together
I’m gonna try to catch you forever
But I can hold you never

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