Cover Art


Cover art
Cover art for your music on Spotify, Soundcloud or for CD production.

cover art for streaming services

What makes your music stand out?
Right – it’s your music artwork!

You need album artwork for your music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and other online platforms – artwork that distinguishes your work from everthying that’s around.
Cover art that has a great visual impact.

Why? Because before listeners ever listen to your songs they’ll have to find your work among all the others – and we’re talking millions of songs!

Make your work stand out in an ocean of offers with unique album artwork that catches the eyes of your audience.

Make it easy for THEM to find YOU!
Power rock
Cover art for a rock track

I am a graphics and communications designer with more than two decades of experience. And now I’m offering you my services at a low rate. Tell me your ideas and together we will find the message behind your music and the right way to tell your story.

Catchy, high quality visuals for online use as well as for print products such as CD-covers and booklets, posters, merch etc.

Not satisfied with my work? No worries with my money back guarantee!

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