The Running Man 2020

Soul/dance track for male voice

© 2018 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Hoang Loc – Pexels

Licensing options: on request
Production level: Demo
Genre: Soul
Language: English
Tempo: mid-Tempo
Mood: Serious
Voice: male
Author: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Release date: 2018

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The Running Man

Music/Lyrics: © AdMeyer May 31 2018

He’s a running man
He’s running so fast
He’s running from himself
Never looking back
No no

He’s fast as lightning
Like a jet plane in the sky
All by himself
Where the eagles fly
Yeah Yeah!

In his mind
He’s the hero of the day
Shrowded in darkness
Far away

He’s out of reach
Now don’t you understand
Nobody touches
The running man

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