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There you are
Near and far
Oh my Baby
I’ve seeing the likeness of you

Though I cannot reach out for Baby
I will promise you dear that I’ll do

From the moment that I see you Baby
‘Till the moment I will see no more

I will hold you I promise you Baby
Like I never held no one before

I will watch over you
Oh my Baby
I will see every step that you take

Every word that you’ll speak
Will enchant me
Every smile of you
When you’ll awake

I’ll be walking through the world beside you
And you can always put your hand in mine

We will walk, we will run
We’ll be chasing the clouds
‘Cross the blue sky time after time

And when life isn’t treating you gently
And you’ll feel all the weight you must bear

I will listen when nobody listens
I’ll be with you when nobody cares

May you always find the answers Baby
May you always see the light of hope

After dark there comes light
Remember my darling it’s you
You can make it
I promise you will
All my wishes will follow you dear

In my arms you will always be safe
I will keep you from harm and from pain

‘Till the day that you’ll fly

There’s so much that I wish for you Baby
Maybe more than a lifetime can grant

But a father will always keep wishing
Maybe one day you can understand

That I’m longing to see you my Baby
And to hold you gently in my arms

See, I thought you should know
That I feel so much love
For my little baby child unborn


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