Life’s Mysterious Ways

© 2016 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Matheus Bertelli

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I recall the lights
I recall the lights in the eastern sky
We didn’t realize at first
That they were satellites

Our hearts were wide
Our heads were full of crazy ideas
When we look back at them
They were all shortlived like fireflies

And in the morning dawn I kissed you
And I think you kissed me too

Too damn crazy
Too damn carefree
Too damn blind
For me or you

It was that morning back in time
That’s always coming back to mind

This is a song to good old days
And life’s mysterious ways

Then we grew on
Then we grew on and we grew apart
There was that trip to Paris France
In my best friend’s car

I fell in love
With that redhead from Amsterdam
I went to see her for a couple of times
And then she broke my heart

It didn’t kill me
Though it changed me
And it hurt for quite a while

It took some time for me to get up
And return a woman’s smile

I learned the sun would always rise
And always lighten up my life

So here’s my song to good old days
And life’s mysterious ways

You might say that life is painful
And it sure ain’t always fair
But when I look back for happy times
I guess I had my share

In the blue dawn of the morning
When my mind goes back in time

I see the wonders that are sometimes
Not so difficult to find

I turn my head and look at you
I see the mother of my child

And sing my song to coming days
And life’s mysterious ways


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