Fool (2019)

Rock song for male voice

BMI Work # 25051694

… We did not tear down all these walls to build them somewhere else, like the FOOL upon his hill … Evolution of my 2017 song

BMI Work # 25051694 © 2017/2019 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen, guitars P. W. Fischer – Cover photo: Á. Padriñán –

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Don’t you see there is a shadow
Cast upon our lives
There is an ever growing fear
A darkness on the rise
And where there used to be a power
Sensitive and wise
There’s just a fool upon a hill

Don’t believe what he is saying
Truth is only lies
A mad man’s logic has no reason
That can’t be denied
But if you give that man a sword
That’s sharper than his mind
You’ll get a fool upon a hill

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