Great album cover art can help your music to get found

Sell your songs by making them visible

In order to make your music heard it is sometimes just as important to make your music seen.

Music art is a way to make your songs visible. A great album cover art can help your music to get found in an ocean of competing songs. Cool album covers thus can make all the difference, if you want to get found by industry professionals or if you want to sell your music on itunes or spotify.

cover art for streaming services

The reason is simple. Back in the day, when people wanted to buy music, they had to go to a record store down town. There they would flip through an abundance of record covers and unless they knew exactly what they were looking for it most often was the album cover design of a record that gave you not only a good idea what the music was about. Also the quality of the cover design gave an impression or expectation of the contents of the record.

Times have changed but not that much. The visual impact of album or song cover art is still important in order for the music buyer to chose from the ever growing amount of music that’s out there. To sell music online you need to stand out from the crowd. I would even say the best way to sell music online is having that album cover with the unique visual impact.

Sell your songs online

If you want to sell your music on spotify or itunes it is important you bear in mind some some basic rules like using the correct album cover size, image resolution etc. Otherwise your cover design might get turned down by those services. So why not leave all that to a professional?

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