Heard It All Before

© admeyermusic.com 2016 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Josh Hild – pexels.com

Licensing options: on request
Production level: Demo
Genre: Piano Jazz
Language: English
Tempo: down-Tempo
Mood: Serious, Melancholic
Voice: female/male
Music: Courtesy of Apple
Lyrics: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Release date: 2016

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Heard It All Before (Newborn) (song)

Music courtesy of Apple
Lyrics: © AdMeyer June 2016

I’ve heard it all before
You want to leave so there’s nothing I can do
Don’t tell me that you’re feeling sorry
‘Cause you don’t want to see me cry

So here I stand again
All on my own so what’s there left to say?
In dreams I’ll reach out for your hand to hold
You’ll smilie at me and say
You’ll keep me in your heart
You’ll smile at me and say
Good bye


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