The Running Man 2020

© 2018 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo: Hoang Loc – Pexels

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Production level: Demo
Genre: Soul
Language: English
Tempo: mid-Tempo
Mood: Serious
Voice: male
Author: adMeyer – Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Release date: 2018

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The Running Man

Music/Lyrics: © AdMeyer May 31 2018

He’s a running man
He’s running so fast
He’s running from himself
Never looking back
No no

He’s fast as lightning
Like a jet plane in the sky
All by himself
Where the eagles fly
Yeah Yeah!

In his mind
He’s the hero of the day
Shrowded in darkness
Far away

He’s out of reach
Now don’t you understand
Nobody touches
The running man

Sitting on his hill
Watching everything
Hiding in the clouds

Sitting in the dark
Trying to understand
What is it good for
Being the running man?

Yeah Yeah!
Hey hey!
Being the running man
Be the running man

Sitting on his hill
He’s feeling so alone
Always striving to achieve
Won’t build a home

Watching the sun as it sets
So beautiful to see
But no one there to share the sight
What a misery

Running all the time
Is getting harder every day
He’s feeling the pack in his back
Closing in

He’d like to rest his soul
Take a look around
Always to keep going
Is that all that counts?

He has this mad idea
Driving him insane
That maybe all this running
May be in vain

So keep on reaching out
Try get a hold on to his hand
And maybe you can touch
The running man

Hey hey!
Yeah Yeah!
I’m the running man
I’m the running man

Finally I realize
I’ve been running all my life

Everybody’s running
Running all the time

Is that all we’re here for
Just running to survive

Everybody for themselves
Or is there more to life?

Let’s come together!
Let’s walk together!
Let’s run together!

Be a running man, be a running woman, be running child
Make the difference let’s run together!

Be a running man, be a running woman, be running child
Let’s run together!


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