Sarah – feat. Michael Egleton

Evolution of my lovesong from 2013:

This wonderful tune is featuring the great voice of soul vocalist Michael Egleton from Acron, Ohio who put his fingerprint on it. His “Signature Sound” makes this song really something special, which I can say with deepest gratitude.

© 2006/2016 – Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen – Cover photo:

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You didn’t see me
You were just passing me by
And I didn’t dare just to say hi!

But within a few seconds
I was traveling back in time
Wondering what if I’d been making you mine

‘Cause I loved you
Oh I loved you
In my dreams I built entire worlds around you girl

But then again I
Never told you
And so you fell
In love with someone else

Didn’t you know that I loved you?
Didn’t you know that I wanted you bad?
Oh Sarah

I’m a dreamer I know
And although my dream never came true
I owe you, girl

Twenty some years now
And I wonder where time has gone
Only yesterday we were young

Shouldn’t I stop you?
Just for the old times sake
Ask you for a coffee break?

Many years have
Come and gone and
I assume there’d be 
Such a lot to talk about

But then again this
Book is closed now
There’s no need to
Open it again (once more)

Didn’t you know that I loved you?
Didn’t you know that I wanted you bad?
Oh Sarah

Time’s a killer I know
And although you bring memories alive
I’ll let them go

I let the past be the past
And make today gonna last

We are so fragile
No matter how hard we try
No matter how high we’ll fly

But you taught me lessons
Lessons of love and pain
That sometimes they can be the same

They are precious
We can learn so much about ourselves

In the end we’ll
Keep on breathing
And we’ll fall in love with someone else

You will never have known
What this boy has been going through
In love for you

Time is funny I see
As for you and for me I know
I let you go


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