Hazel Eyes

Dank der fantastischen Zusammenarbeit mit Oliver Kerschner von Sound Direct in Wien, entstand diese veredelte Version meines originalen Layouts von vor ein paar Wochen.

First draft

… You know the color of your smile
Just took me by surprise …

Lovesong 2020

© admeyermusic.com 2020
Music & Lyrics: Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Mix: Oliver Kerschner – Sound Direct – www.sounddirect.at/ 
Cover photo: Lukáš Dlutko – Pexels.com


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Video content von pexels.com – Urheber: cottonbro, Distill, Paolo Renato, Taryn Elliott, Darli Donizete, Pixabay, Fikret Ceylan und Pressmaster.


I close my eyes
And I see
You and I
In perfect harmony

Watching that sunset
By the sea
Talking and kissing
Just like it‘s meant to be

Yes I know I’m make believing
Cause I know it cannot be
There won’t be no happy ending
Someone writes for you and me

So there will be no sunset-kissing
I’ll never hold you close to me
Only in dreams I’ll have you near me
Just smiling with you sweet

Hazel eyes
You know the color of your smile
Just took me by surprise

I’m dreaming that one day you’re gonna see me
With your sweet hazel eyes

Life is strange and
I think of you then
And my day is turning sweet

Ah well, I know
It’s just a crazy fantasy of mine
A joyful breeze that lifts me up
And puts me on my feet

But I will never stand before you
Never ever hold you close
Will never keep you save from harm
That’s not how the story goes

And I can hardly keep on dreaming
I have to face reality
You never will be looking at me
Smiling with your sweet

Hazel eyes
That look of yours is magic
It’s hard to realize

To know that you won’t ever look at me
With your beautiful eyes

With your beautiful eyes
My sweet Hazeleyes

I only wish that I could hold you
In my arms for once in life
I shouldn’t though, because I know
A million reasons why

You’re so far I cannot reach out
It‘s hard to understand
I cannot be your lover, so
I hope I‘ll comprehend

That you‘ll never gonna see me through
No you‘ll never gonna see me through your hazel eyes

That you‘ll never gonna See me through
No you‘ll never really see me through your hazel eyes

So I wish you love and happyness
I wish you all the best there is
Sweet Hazeleyes

I wish you love and happyness my friend
I wish you all the best I can
My sweet Hazeleyes

March 2020 by Christian Meyer-Pedersen (© 2020 adMeyerMusic)

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